WWII Veterans

The Kiwanis Club of Williamsburg recently interviewed some of their members and asked them about their memories of WWII.

These interviews, lasting nearly 7 hours, have been edited down to a 30 minute video tape. The 30 minute video can be seen below or by clicking on this link.

Each members video, lasting about four minutes each, can be viewed below.

Project coordinator Bill Unaitis has added some of the veterans' personal pictures, along with archived Internet WWII pictures, to tell their story.

Two of our members were quite athletic in their younger days. One played basketball for Holy Cross and another was an all American swimmer.

You will hear about the Philippines, serving on an aircraft carrier, dodging snipers in Belgium and about Wally's' first parachute jump.

One talks about his skills with five languages and how he had to stay in Europe three more years working on war crimes documents. Another talks about being a Jew, living in Germany and his experiences in labor and concentration camps.

To quote Tom Brokaw in "The Greatest Generation" – "They were proud of what they accomplished but they rarely discussed their experiences, even with each other. They became, once again, ordinary people, the kind of men and women who have always been the foundation of the American way of life. For many, the war years were enough adventure to last a lifetime."

We thank them and all veterans.

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