Club Satellite Committee

Are you looking for a unique way to serve your community but have limited time?

Then the Williamsburg Kiwanis Satellite Committee may be for you!

What Is It?

In 2011, the Kiwanis Club of Williamsburg sought a way to attract younger Kiwanians to the club, but realized that attending the lunch time meetings was particularly difficult for young rising business people due to both the cost and the time away from work.

After Kiwanis International adopted new rules allowing clubs to create a committee that allowed for special meetings designed for individuals who wanted to join the club, but simply couldn't attend the regular meetings, the Kiwanis Club of Williamsburg jumped on board.

How It Helps?

By allowing community members whose schedule is too busy or who may not be able to afford meals to join our club under the Satellite Committee, the Kiwanis Club of Williamsburg is able to grow even more hands in service. By creating a way for these members to get involved, the club is able to have a greater impact on the Williamsburg community as well as the efforts of Kiwanis International.

Additionally, we've learned that the Satellite Committee is a great retention tool as well. As some existing members have experienced changes in employment or financial hardship, the Satellite Committee allows for them to remain a member of the club and reduces their time and financial investments to accomodate for their situation.

Membership Status

Members of the Satellite Committee have full membership status with the club. This means that they are eligible to attend all meetings, including board meetings. They are also eligible to serve in a committee chair role, as a member of the board or as a member of the executive committee.

About Meetings

The Satellite Committee has one regular meeting on the second Tuesday of each month at 6 PM on the second floor in the Liz Moore office building in New Town at 5350 Discovery Park Boulevard. In one hour, we cover club news, club business, upcoming fundraisers and service projects and discuss opportunities to introduce new projects to the club. Sometimes we use a portion of the meeting for education and occasionally invite a speaker.

3-2-1 Model

When forming the Satellite Committee, a model introduced by Kiwanis International, called the 3-2-1 model, was adopted as a foundation for how the Satellite Committee would operate. The model suggests that members participate in three parts service, two parts fellowship and one part meetings per month. With our one hour meetings, this model encourages members to engage in three hours of service and two hours of fellowship each month.

Regular Socials

As a way to integrate members of the Satellite Committee with the rest of the members of the club and as a way to accomodate the two hours of fellowship that is required, the Satellite Committee holds a social on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 6 PM. All members of the club are invited and encouraged to attend. Socials are held at local restaurants and members are asked to pay their own way. Most socials are well attended and have proved to be a great way for club members to get to know each other better.